Office 365 Is Fortune 500 Technology, At A Small Business Price.

Thinking about making the switch?

Computer Solutions Group can manage your entire installation. Read on to find out more about Office 365 and what we can do for your organization.

Elevate your productivity with a state-of-the-art I.T. environment.

Office 365 is more than just documents and spread sheets.

With Office 365, you still get access to popular productivity applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

But it doesn’t stop there. Businesses can take advantage of enterprise level services like high-definition video conferencing, business class email, and cloud services that allow for collaboration and file sharing.

Office 365 goes beyond normal office computing.

It quickly differentiates itself from a normal Office installation and allows you to:

  • Get Access to your applications and documents almost anywhere. That includes PC, Mac, Tablet, and smartphones. All Thanks to a flexible licensing structure that is connected to users and not specific devices.
  • Work locally on your network, in the cloud, or both. The freedom to house your data where you need it and set data control levels, access permissions, and sharing rights will simplify file sharing and regulatory compliance.
  • Create a polished online presence. Enterprise-class tools make it easy to host web conferences in HD, create a website, and establish business class email systems.
  • Not lose focus on your core objectives. Office 365 takes care of all the software updates, malware protection and server management. This will free up your time to do what you love.
  • Collaborate easily. You can choose to Include clients, outside contractors, and employees to projects by using a suite of applications that are not available with standard Office installs.

Computer Solutions Group Manages Your Office 365 For You.

We will walk with you through every step and customize an installation that fits your needs.

We will tailor an Office 365 environment that fits with you. We will be there all the way from the planning stages to the day it enters production and beyond.

This process is designed to make the entire experience as easy and headache free as possible.

It all starts with a no cost, no obligation assessment of your organization.

Determine Your Hardware Needs.

We will analyze your current network infrastructure and custom tailor a strategy that keeps your data safe. We will determine what combination of cloud resources and onsite network hardware is right for you.

Setup and migrate your email system.

Office 365 comes with a complete Enterprise-Class email system that is customizable, has built in encryption, and malware protection that needs to be configured properly. We take care of it all for you.

Set Appropriate Security Measures.

We will harden your Office 365 installation against malware, hackers, disgruntled employees, and viruses.

Be There To Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly.

Our maintenance plans are designed to be flexible, allowing you to choose the level of support you require.

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