Wireless Networking

Most people aren't aware that Wireless Networking has really taken off to an advanced level in recent years. Normally you'd have one or more individual Wireless Access Points around your business setup so that you or guests can connect wirelessly. You're a bit blind with that type of setup, though, aren't you? As long as people connect, it seems fine. What if you have someone abusing your Wireless Network? How would you know without expensive diagnostics? What if your business grew and you had 100 Wireless Access Points? It'd be a major pain to manage them all individually. That's where we come in with Ubiquity UniFi, which is not only one or more Wireless Access Points but an entire Management System with no recurring fees!

It's simple, if someone's proposing another system that doesn't have these features then you're talking to the wrong people. Contact us and we'll help get you on the right path!

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