Managed Services

Are you sick and tired of unexpected IT bills? Would you just like your Computers to work right? Do you feel like your IT Support acts more like Firemen than Consultants? Stop focusing on how much your IT Support will cost and focus on your Business instead with Computer Solutions Group's Managed Services! Our Managed Services are Flat Rate and will help relieve the Burden of Unexpected IT Bills and Outages. You will feel at peace knowing that you have someone looking after and proactively maintaining your Computer Network, day or night.

With our Managed Services, we will:
  • Get to know your Business in depth to help use Technology to increase Productivity and remove Daily Stress.
  • Implement various Hardware, Software and Services that will help improve your Quality of Life.
  • Maintain and Monitor your Servers, delivering Monthly Reports that help you gauge their Health and Performance.
  • Meet with you Yearly to help Budget and Plan.
  • Monitor your Workstations to make sure they're Setup and Operating Properly.
  • Provide both Proactive and Reactionary Support without an unexpectedly high bill afterwards!

Companies are moving to Managed Services in droves, so don't miss the boat! Take control of your costs and have peace of mind.

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